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The Documentary 

"The Longest Living Jane Doe"

        The premiere of “The Longest Living Jane Doe” was one for the books. It was held in Baltimore’s famous and historic Senator Theatre. The premiere of the documentary story was covered on several networks. The documentary was just enough and added at the time what I needed to grow my legacy. The Senator also allowed us to share space with some local organizations as well to highlight their community efforts. This documentary was a long time coming. 

           I wanted to take my story further in a unique way. I knew to reach more awareness something different would be a great addition to my legacy. Little did I know, in  2018 a new chapter would commence. Over the years I played around with the thought of a documentary detailing my life journey. I had no clue where to start but I knew I wanted to do more. One day in late 2018 my daughter introduced me to Black Nerd Films. This up and coming film troupe helped make my dream of creating a visual for my story a reality. For the documentary we visited locations where some of my most harrowing experiences happened. Filming was an eye opening and riveting experience. I was happy to bring the words to picture for many of my readers and supporters alike. 

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