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I Am the Ancestor Volume II

I Am the Ancestor Volume II

Keep going! No matter where you are at in your life's journey, whether it's diving into your passions, building a business, celebrating motherhood or maybe you just have that gut feeling inside of you that you are meant for so much more.


Over 20 years ago, I told myself to Keep Going. So, I embraced my journey and I pulled from my core to create a movement for missing children and unidentified persons like myself. Children that are missing or experiencing trafficking can count on me to be their advocate. I remind the world that all missing children aren't dead. Listed on the national center Missing and exploited children, as well as the deceased registry, and dubbed an "Unidentifiable Person" by the salvation Army whose specializes in this area since the early 1800s. I turn individuals into instant advocates with my books, workshops, lectures, and documentary.


As a Survivor of a Child Abduction:

It took 20 years of searching for me to have this moment.

It took 54 years of me living to have this moment.

But everyone doesn't get this moment.


There's an estimated 600,000 missing children reported every year noted by NCIC. What we are committing to today is creating the opportunity for the next Monique, the next Brian, the next Malissa, and Wanda ... To have resources and a place to go to begin the next chapter in their journeys.


There's something that you can do beyond hearing my story, you can share missing person's flyers on all of the social media platforms, look at posted flyers of missing and endangered and report tips, or You may even consider preparing yourself to take part in an active search - often called on by family members and or law-enforcement agencies who need assistance.


I know that you have a Lot of questions. How are you an Unidentifiable Person? Why were You listed on a deceased registry? What I really want you to hear about today, is that this is my story and that I am fortunate enough to be here before you to share.

HOPE LIVES! This book of lived experiences by way of principles could be someone else's life applications to thrive.


Who am I? I am S. Monique Smith, survivor, award winning author, an inspirational speaker, and philanthropist. Founder of KAM, short for Known as Monique which is a community-based initiative that spreads awareness about missing children and human trafficking and resources for those types of violations against human rights.. I am also the director of what's become my life's work, a documentary entitled,

"The longest living Jane doe." ..Now, go thrive and

"Be THAT Ancestor" leaving the story and legacy you want told.

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