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Missing Children Support Event

As a guest speaker at the 5th Annual Mother's Day Extravaganza, I am excited to contribute to this important fundraising event. I am passionate about helping those in need, and believe that together we can make a difference in the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with others and to be part of this wonderful cause.


Email for tickets!

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Author's Expo & Reader's Extravaganza

I am thrilled to announce the 2024 Author’s Expo & Reader’s Extravaganza! This event promises to be unforgettable, bringing together a diverse community of literary enthusiasts including writers, readers, publishers, and more. Authors will share insights into their works, while publishers will enlighten attendees about their creative process. Expect a variety of unique vendors, live music, and much more to enjoy.


Secure your spot now! To register:


#Authors #Writers #Empowerment #Publishers #vendors #Readers 


True Crime! Speaking on the Facts!

As a stolen child and searching adult, I have first hand experiences of a victim. We will discuss the factual horrors of my case in order to educate ourselves and become a better force in getting victims seen, heard, and helped. I will be sharing my story and the factors that were at play which caused me to be successfully stolen and missing for years. Join me in this conversation and let's uncover the truth behind child trafficking and abduction, and how we can make a change to better protect our children.

To register for this free public event please click the link below. 


Harbel Community's New Board Member!

S. Monique Smith is officially a member of the Harbel Community Board! 



S. Monique Smith

From Victim to Victory

Undeniably the face of missing children everywhere, S- Monique Smith also known as “Monique” is advocating, speaking and changing lives! After surviving decades of severe childhood abuse, Monique found out that she, DID NOT EXIST! Monique discovered that the woman who had raised may have stolen from her mother in New York. This news sent Monique on a question frenzy — What was her real name? How old was she? Where was she born? Who was her biological mother?

With so many unanswered questions, Monique spent nearly a decade trying to find out what happened to her and to uncover her true identity. After speaking to every national and federal agency designed to help missing persons and getting nowhere, Monique ended the tireless search for herself. Instead, she decided to focus on leaving a legacy behind for her now four beautiful children. In 2011, Monique publishing her book titled, “I Am The Ancestor” and for the very first time, she shared her story with her children, friends, acquaintances, book clubs and people all around the world.

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